Dear Friend,

If you’re ready to finally get the slim and fit body you want…

If you’re ready to make your own total body transformation…

Then I have some good news for you.

As I’ve gotten busier, I’ve trained additional fitness coaches so we could help even more people. Using my methods, my team has helped thousands of men and women.  We’ve even produced over 36 Body Blitz Challenge Winners (a contest sponsored by Australian Women’s Fitness & Health magazine)

Look… If I can help thousands of women transform their bodies…


Then I’m sure I can help you get results like this too.

Now I need you to pay attention to what I’m about to share.  I’m going to reveal one of the biggest fat-burning secrets there is.


There’s a TON of confusing information available on fat-burning, nutrition, exercise and dieting like…

There’s head-scratching advice telling you to use…

And then there’s headache-inducing eating advice like…

Is it any wonder people are so confused about losing fat?
Of course not… It’s almost impossible to figure out what program to follow or where to begin! Let me clear up some of the confusion right now…by talking about dieting and what really works.

Chances are, you’ve probably tried more than one diet in your life.

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    It even works for mum’s who want to lose any left-over “baby weight” too.

    Well, here it is…

    The Fat Burning Secret That I Probably Shouldn’t Share…
    workingoutPlease bear with me because I need a few minutes to explain it completely.

    Well, women have one major hormone working against them: Estrogen.

    The problem occurs when you experience estrogen overload. The official medical term is “estrogen dominance” but here’s the easy to understand 2 part explanation.

    First, there’s a number of things that can put you into estrogen overload.

    • Birth control pills…
    • Certain environmental influences…
    • Improper diet…
    • Even eating too much of some foods (like soy!)

    Second, if you take the overload of estrogen in your body and combine it with estrogen’s less desirable effects then it can really add the pounds to your hips.

    reducefatIt might not be official medical lingo but I like to refer to an excess of estrogen as negative estrogen. Too much estrogen increases fat retention… so your body wants to store more fat, not less of it.

    So it sounds like estrogen can be a woman’s enemy much of the time, right?

    Is Insulin Making Your Body Store Extra Fat?

    Research has found that insulin can encourage your body to increase its natrual fat storage levels.

    But here’s where the “Ideal Body Blueprint” can be a life-changer…

    And it does it without using any harmful drugs or surgery too!

    You need to get your estrogen in proper balance.

    And that’s where my “Ideal Body Blueprint” can really help.

    You see, my program attacks the problem in three stages…

    Stage 1: Tap Into The Stored Body Fat

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    And that’s something my “Ideal Body Blueprint” can do for you.


    As you start reviewing this proven fat-burning program, you’ll discover…

    • The “thermic effect of protein” — it’s an absolute necessity in any fat loss program…
    • The difference between the caloric value of carbs, protein and fat — each one of these macro nutrients impact your ability to drop unwanted pounds in different ways…
    • Why those last few pounds are often the hardest ones to shed…

    Look, shedding unwanted pounds of fat is your goal…

    But as important as shedding unwanted, unneeded fat can be… it’s only part of the battle.

    And that’s where Stage 2 of my program kicks in…

    Stage 2: Add Curve-Enhancing Lean Muscle

    You need to add lean muscle in the right places…

    Places like your shoulders, and back…

    To balance your hips, thighs, and butt and make them appear smaller…

    Places like your lower body to create eye-catching firm, feminine curves and shape.

    That’s why you’ll want to know…

    And then there’s Stage 3 of my program to help you keep the body of your dreams…

    Stage 3: Minimize New Fat Being Stored


    For example…

    • The three things I absolutely had to do to lose weight and keep it off forever
    • The four major pieces of the fat loss puzzle — conquer these and you’ll see spectacular results in a short time…
    • The type of training that is absolutely critical for maintaining fat loss and keeping a fit, lean body — I reveal it on page 49 of “Ideal Body Blueprint”…

    The Hip-Widening Hormone You've Probably Never Heard of

    Deep inside everyone's brain is a protein-based hormone called Leptin.

    This critical hormone controls appetite and food cravings.

    Eat the right type of diet and Leptin can help you keep your weight in check.

    Follow the type of wrong diet and Leptin can really ramp up your naughty food cravings.

    But here's the good news: My “Ideal Body Blueprint” helps you eat correctly and turn Leptin from a hip-widening enemy to your secret fat-burning friend!

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    Sure they may help you lose some weight… but will they help you keep it off?

    Can you follow their program for the long-haul?

    I sure don’t… and I like soup!

    How To Eat Anything You Want…

    With my “Ideal Body Blueprint” program, you can eat anything you want to eat.

    You’ll even be able to eat “naughty” foods like cookies, cakes, and ice cream!


    You’ll lose the weight you want to lose… And you’ll keep it off for good!

    Confession Time…

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    But here’s what I can guarantee you…

    Here’s what I mean…

    “Okay Sue, How Much?”

    Donna G.

    Michelle C.

    notimeYou’d have to spend countless hours researching topics like nutrition… exercise selection and technique… effective (and healthy) dieting plans…and much more.

    Your time is too valuable to spend it doing tons of trial and error.

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  • But that’s extremely personalized care.

    In fact, here’s what you will get with this complete system…
    Component 1: Ideal Body Blueprint Diet Program

    $197 value


    Component 2: Quick Start Blueprint

    $27 value


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  • Component 3: Firm up Fast Meals

    $27 value


    Component 4: The Ideal Body Training Blueprint

    $197 value



    Component 5: “Staying On Track” Food Diary & Exercise Logs

    $47 value

    Component 6: Slim & Shapely Body Tracker

    $27 value


    But I’m not going to do that.

    There’s no expensive printing and binding of any physical manuals or reports to do.

    I want to make it even easier for you to succeed…
    Component 7: 4 Week Body Conditioning Blueprint
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    $47 value

    Component 8: Top Secret Body-Shaping Supplements

    $27 value

    Or the nutritional secret weapon for preventing premature aging I reveal on page 11…


    BONUS: Incinerate Fat! Your Rapid Start Diet Plan

    $97 $47.00

    Okay, let’s review…
    With your one-time investment in my program, here’s everything you get…
    • “Ideal Body Diet Blueprint” (Your 12 Week Fat Burning Plan to a Slimmer, Sexier You!)…
    • “Ideal Body Training Blueprint (12 Weeks to a Slimmer, Sexier You!)”…
    • “Quick Start Blueprint” action plan…
    • “Firm Up Fast Meals – Quick Tasty Meals You Can Make At Home!”…
    • “4 Week Body Conditioning Blueprint” program…
    • “Top Secret Body-Shaping Supplements” members-only report…
    • “Staying On Track!” Food Diary and Training Logs…
    • “Slim & Shapely Body Tracker”…
    • Plus the fast action bonus “Incinerate Fat! Your Rapid Start Diet Plan”
    Normally you would get all of these fat-burning resources and weapons for the low price of $97.

    I want to help you succeed and I’m going to do everything I can to help you do exactly that.

    It’s time to get back into your old “skinny” jeans…

    I can’t make the decision for you but if I could, here’s what I do:

    I’d take the “Ideal Body Blueprint” for a 60 day test drive.

    Just look at everything you get with the “Ideal Body Blueprint”…

    Don’t wait another minute.

    Not when I’ve already done all of the research and work for you.

    All it takes is a small one-time investment in the “Ideal Body Blueprint” to get started.

    Dream, Believe, Achieve!

    Sue Heintze


    Managing Director & Fitness Professional

    Ideal Bodies Online Pty Ltd

    P.S. I recently became a mum myself.

    Here’s a picture of me working out while I was pregnant with my daughter.


    Here’s the proof:

    P.P.S. Still undecided?

    "Lost 10 cm From My Waist and Hips, and 6 cm From My Thighs"
    "Lost 38 kg in 7 Months… Dropped From Size 24 to Size 12!"
    "Very Easy to Follow and Offers Plenty of Options For Meals"

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ideal Body Blueprint


    Question: What is the Ideal Body Blueprint and how does it work?

    Question: I am fairly new to exercise and weight training, can I still use the Ideal Body Blueprint?

    Question: Does the training program require a gym membership?

    Question: How long are the workouts? Will I be able to fit this program into my busy lifestyle?

    Question: Will I have to starve my way through this program?

    Answer: No way! Starving yourself is definitely NOT recommended.

    Question: I’m a vegetarian – is the Ideal Body Blueprint Diet suitable?

    Question: Do I need any special food to follow the diet?

    Question: You mentioned supplements. Do I need to use them?

    Question: I’m over 40… will this program work for me?

    Question: What if Ideal Body Blueprint doesn’t work for me?

    Ready To Get Started With Ideal Body Blueprint?

    $97 $47.00

    melt NOTE: Ideal Body Blueprint is a completely downloadable series of pdf files. No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the diet and workouts files onto your computer.